S P I R E Consultant is a multidisciplinary Consultancy firm on built environment. It offers consultancy services in the ares of:

* Architecture * Town Planning * Engineering * Landscaping * Interior Designing

We are working with a broad range of clients including Public Authorities like Banks, Corporates, Institutions, Real Estate Developer etc.
The main Objective of SPIRE is to approach to Architecture Planning in the seemless execution of its projects in.......

* Modern * Analytical * Qualitative Technique * System Approach

To work as a team towards the shared goal of acieving perfection in design and ideas is the exclusive Design Philosophy of SPIRE Consultants.
Architecture is the objectification of the values humans hols essential to living: these values are made concrete by buiding and using the structure that form our environment.
Architecture and the Architect are not only expressing the values of a culture but creating the physical environmrnt that alters, reinforces, expand or negates those values.
Vastu Sastra is not a religion but a science. The Philosophy and Concept of vastu Sashtra has more to do with complex mathematical calculations.It's the science which deals with the construction of houses, palaces, temples and towns.

S P I R E Consultants

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