Mr. Sanjeeb K Guru, Architect and Town Planner Bachelor in Architecture, Master in Planning with specialization in Housing.
Mr. Sanjeeb K Guru has over 25 years of Design, Planning and technical expertise in Architecture. An entrepreneur at heart, He guides the core team members and maintains hands on approach in leading every project. He exemplifies his firm’s commitment in reaching clients’ requirements. As a founder he plays a leading role in setting the tone firm’s long term mission, values and goals. He is an active member of AIIA and AITP. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Architect from CET, Bhubaneswar and Masters in planning from SPA delhi.


Team S P I R E comprises experts from multidisciplinary field such as Architects, Structural Engineers, Planners, Interior Designers, Landscape Architects, Plumbing Experts, Electrical Engineers and Project Management Consultants.

S P I R E Consultants

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